Photos taken from three different cameras, showing the progress on the underground "French" drain that I installed across the front of Mike and Marie's house. This collects groundwater from the front yard, as well as four different connections to downspouts and a future driveway grate, and drains all of it into a storm sewer away from the house.

img_3510_small.jpg img_3511_small.jpg img_3512_small.jpg img_3513_small.jpg
img_3514_small.jpg img_3515_small.jpg img_3516_small.jpg img_3517_small.jpg
img_3524_small.jpg img_3525_small.jpg img_3526_small.jpg img_3527_small.jpg
img_3528_small.jpg img_3529_small.jpg img_3530_small.jpg img_3531_small.jpg
img_3532_small.jpg img_3533_small.jpg img_3534_small.jpg img_3535_small.jpg
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