I was at the city landfill, throwing a full load of tree branches out of my truck, when this guy in a little contruction company truck pulls up beside me and throws some stuff out of the back. Besides this lamp I snagged a half-roll of window screen material (which I can use) and a medium-sized metal toolbox that has a dent in it (which I can also use).


This lamp was all in pieces, though it was held together by the cord running through all the pieces. It's actually a shame that it was handled so roughly, because it scuffed a lampshade and put some dents in the base. Click the link below to see a similar lamp and others like it. These things ain't cheap!




Somebody in the past had given up on the thing because the threaded tubes that make up the middle pop loose. I stuffed some electrical tape in between the threads and the joints held tight enough. Since it sits in a corner and looks pretty, I don't reallycare! And it's free! :D (Though I did spend $4 on light bulbs.)

lamp1_small.jpg lamp2_small.jpg lamp3_small.jpg lamp4_small.jpg lamp5_small.jpg

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